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Ignite a New Understanding of the Power of Trust with

Jason O. Harris

Trust Keynote Speaker

As a combat-proven pilot and commanding officer in the Air Force, Lt Col (ret) Jason O. Harris saw firsthand how trust can make or break a mission,whether that’s leading a squadron or flying a cargo plane into enemy territory.

The principles that led to 430+ successful combat sorties and countless other accomplishments are the same ones he shares with audiences across the country in his engaging, customizable keynotes.

A dynamic force on stage, he combines riveting stories and actionable insights into an engaging, culture-shifting presentation that rallies participants to see trust (and their roles) in a new light.

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Keynote One


The Flight Plan To Cultivating
a High-Performance Team

This transformative keynote empowers leaders and teams to deliver consistently excellent results through a culture of No Fail Trust®. Jason shares tactics, techniques, and practical tools for navigating the inevitable turbulence of life and cultivating high-flying levels of empowerment, commitment, and accountability across your organization.

Keynote Two


and the Future of Work

Empowering Remote and Hybrid Teams
for Peak Performance

This highly practical keynote equips the audience to develop trust and effective communication regardless of their team members’ physical location. Sharing his own unique leadership experiences, Jason demonstrates how to build a thriving, productive environment for your team, whether they’re remote, hybrid, or in the next office over.


Not a One-Time Event
Free Post-Event Tools and Resources »

Empower your participants to continue building No Fail Trust® even after the keynote is over. Every attendee receives these practical tools and resources from Trust Keynote Speaker Jason O. Harris.

No Fail Trust - Bonus Videos

No Fail Trust® Keynote Bonus Videos

Keep No Fail Trust® fresh in your participant’s minds with this engaging video series. Part encouragement, part reminder, this free 4-video series inspires tangible action.


No Fail Trust Workbook

No Fail Trust®

True understanding begins with application. This free downloadable workbook is designed to facilitate real-world implementation of No Fail Trust® principles. A spiral-bound print version is also available, contact us for bulk pricing.

7 Skillsets of No Fail Trust 1-7

7 Skill Sets of
No Fail Trust®

Cultivate these 7 Skill Sets to build high-flying levels of trust with your team. Use this free guide to identify your strengths and opportunities for each skill set.

Here’s What to Expect:

As a creative producer and cast member of the History Channel's hit show, Bermuda Triangle: Into Cursed Waters, Jason understands the work that goes into a successful production. He is committed to being a trusted partner in your event’s success.

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While the principles of trust don’t change, every organization applies them uniquely. Jason tailors his content to your challenges and objectives.

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Jason will arrive the day before his presentation and spend time connecting with your attendees before, during, and after the event.

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Need a video course, training program or recommendations on building a culture of trust? Jason and his team are here to help.

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We look forward to helping you create No Fail Trust® in your organization!