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Lt. Col. JasonO.Harris

U.S. Air Force Officer
Special Operations Pilot
U.S.A.F. Academy Instructor
Motivational Speaker

What does it mean to have a culture of No Fail Trust™?

When each person in your organization is empowered to make impactful decisions, fully understands the importance of the mission, and has the training needed to perform at their best, you’ve created an atmosphere that does nothing but succeed.

For over 17 years as a United States Air Force officer, mission commander, and special operations pilot, Jason has led teams where failure was not an option.


Training was in place where every team member could fully trust each other to deliver.

Which option will drive the best results for your organization?

For your Leaders:

Empowering No Fail Trust™

Executive Coaching
Customized Consulting

For your People:

No Fail Ownership™


A No Fail Trust™ culture creates…

Motivated, engaged, and more assertive employees

Better project ownership, collaboration, and productivity

An environment of safety, loyalty, and morale at its highest

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