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       As an aircraft commander, I am charged with the responsibility of safely getting the aircraft, crew, and cargo to its destination. Whether its an airline crew or military crew, as the leader, I don’t have to be smartest person on board. What I need to know is who the smartest is on any specific topic or in any given situation. My job is to empower them so they are positioned for success no matter the challenges or context of the mission.


To create and nurture a winning culture of No Fail Trust™, Jason will engage with your leaders, teaching them how to effectively prepare and guide your team to success through:

1-on-1 Executive Coaching

Using examples from his experience as the leader of an air crew, Jason works one-on-one with you and/or members of your executive team to translate how his No Fail Trust™ approach would work for your organization. Executive coaching teaches the skills and qualities that will improve your ability to effectively lead a team, empowering your people to be their best.

Presentations & Seminars

Jason will efficiently educate multiple members of your team, presenting the concepts of how to lead in a high-paced dynamic environment and how one, as a leader, prepares a team for success. Via these educational presentations or seminars, both your leadership team and front-line employees will learn the approach that will allow them to develop as future leaders within your organization, ensuring consistency for long-term success as your business grows and thrives.

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Working together in ongoing interactive engagements on-site with you, your executives, and your front-line troops, Jason will identify your business goals, processes, and procedures both in everyday operations and in facing the challenges that always arise. How do you and your team deal with these challenges? Jason will help you create a “flight plan” addressing all the dynamics within pressure situations and how to rely on your people to help you deliver on your brand promise consistently, efficiently, safely, and successfully.

Program Information:

7 Skill Sets of No Fail Trust

Format: 45-60 minute presentation

This program is perfect for:

  • Senior management looking to increase productivity and flexibility in addressing business/organizational challenges, as well as increased employee satisfaction and retention

  • Team building among multilevel and multidisciplinary personnel

  • Organizations seeking successful Change Management strategies

  • Hospitality industry professionals, as well as organizations in other business and non-profit categories

The audience will leave with:

  • Leadership understanding how to empower their people

  • Leaders understanding how to create actionable steps to create and build winning teams

  • Team members understanding how to foster trust among the team

  • Learning techniques that allow organizations to react successfully to everchanging and often unexpected conditions and challenges

Jason = Experience & Charisma! Jason was inspirational and provided knowledge that I can apply directly to my current team dynamics training.

B. Jay BlissGeneral Manager
Hyatt Place Colorado Springs

Jason was intriguing, exciting and challenging. He brought so much energy to the room!

Raymond MartinezSales Manager
Marriott Colorado Springs

Jason was outstanding getting his message to the audience and having a positive outlook and message take away from the session. You won’t walk away disappointed after hearing one of his messages!

Jeremy WilsonDirector of National SalesThe Broadmoor Resort

Exciting, passionate, relevant! I loved Jason’s stories and how they tie in to application within the working world!

Dina ChiaravallotiGroup Services Manager
Visit Colorado Springs

Very engaging! Great topic and examples. Everyone was actively listening the whole time!

Melissa GonyeaSales Manager
Marriott Hotels

Great speaker, great stories and able to hold everyone’s attention!

Karen GillhamExecutive Assistant to The Director
BMO Transportation Finance Group

Jason keeps the audience on the edge of their seats! Jason was dynamic, motivational, positive and engaging.

Lydia MontgomeryEvent Manager
Pikes Peak International Raceway

Jason showed us a great explanation on how trust is parallel to leadership. He will make you reconsider the importance of trust in your organization.

Laura RabartGeneral Manager
Woodland Country Lodge

Motivational & Educational. This presentation was outstanding. Love the storytelling. I am going to go back and be sure the training process is where it needs to be!

Kathy ReakSr. Director of Convention
SalesVisit Colorado Springs

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